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DLIMS Dry Low Intensity Magnetic Separator

LCG Series Dry LIMS

Our LCG Series Dry LIMS (Dry Low Intensity Magnetic Separator) focuses on primary separation of 5%-20% low grade magnetite to enhance the grade of ore for the grinder. The separator can make the manufacturing more efficient at a lower cost. This dry low intensity magnetic separator works on the basis of magnet principle to form a big semicircle magnetic field inside the pulley. When ore material flows into this area through the feeding belt, ferromagnetic material will be grabbed by the pulley, moved to de-magnetic part, then fall into the flow of concentrates. Finally, the concentrates will get separated from tailings.

The dry low intensity magnetic separator features an outstanding design of the magnetic system which can greatly enhance the grade of concentrates while efficiently reducing the tailings leakage. It is equipped with a transducer that can control the running speed of magnetic pulley. The dry low intensity magnetic separator is able to tackle the separation 1.5 times more than devices with the same size magnetic pulley.

The magnetic pulley of this dry low intensity magnetic separator is worth special mention. It is covered by wear-resisting ceramic whose hardness is over HR 85, at maximum over HRA92, and superior to any wear-resisting metal. The uniquely designed structure of fine ore separation can flexibly handle the grade of both concentrates and tailings. In addition, the dry low intensity magnetic separator is suited for pre-concentration of fine ore with a size from 0 mm to 12 mm.

Since 1993, Longi has been engaged in making mining magnetic separation equipment, dry drum low intensity magnetic separator supplier in China. Our company has over 20 years’ experience in making mining separation magnet machines, also provides tramp metal removal machines and solutions according to your demands.

The Dry Drum Low Intensity Magnetic Separators used in construction sites
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