Industrial Demagnetizer

Demagnetizes are used to break up magnetic balling or clumping that naturally occur during a multiple stage magnetic separation Process. By generating a continuous magnetic field they serve to break up any clumps and by doing so improve the efficiency and increase the concentrate grade.

1.They utilize a single coil to induce a core magnetic field with a constant and steady peak. This allows for a low power consumption while giving a good demagnetization of the material.
2.LONGi uses highly wear resistant materials in the areas where abrasive materials come in contact.
3.The unique circuit design creates rectangular sine-waves of voltage along with continuous angular current waves.
4.The magnetic field that is generated by the coil decrease along an arc and alternates at a high frequency to magnetize the pulp with opposite polarities repeatedly,this reduces the magnetic force gradually to zero
5. The magnetic circuit adopts an imported IGBT module as the switching element to guarantee a safe current alternation as well as assuring a continuous oscillation of the magnetic field that allows for the continual demagnetization that is required.
6. The IGBT is integrated with the IPM and the drive module. This is designed to prevent over-current short cicuiting voltage issues and over heating

Technical Parameters


Installation Dimensions

Control Panel Dimensions

The Demagnetizers with Patent NO. ZL200520092075.3

Longi is an experience industrial demagnetizer manufacturer in China, our company focus on making magnet separation equipment and machine since 1993. There are different models of high efficiency demagnetizers for choose. We make effort to provide quality mining separation magnets and efficient solutions in customer demands.

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