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WHIMS Wet Drum Magnetic Separator ( High Intensity Magnetic Separator)

Longi Magnet Company is a China wet high intensity magnetic separator manufacturer. Our LGS wet high intensity magnetic separator, or WHIMS, is a kind of energy-conservative and highly efficient wet type high intensity separating equipment.

WHIMS magnetic separator is mainly used for wet concentration of hematite, titanium, manganese, formanite, and other weak magnetic minerals as well as the purification of kaolin, zirconium, quartz, feldspar and other non-magnetic materials.

1. The background magnetic field is up to 1 T and more. With no flux leakage, more minerals are recycled.
2. WHIMS offers regular components for easy maintenance.
3. The magnetic intensity could be adjusted for the best separating effect.
4. WHIMS features low power and running cost.
5. The excitation coil is processed with insulated lacquer and cooled in cooling tunnels. The coil and the cooling water are fully insulated for safety concerns.
6. The heat exchanging parts of the coil is made up of high quality stainless steel. It is antirust and not apt to scale, thus having a longer service life.
7. The transmission box and the bracket are integrated for less vibration caused to the bracket.
8. Its ergonomic design ensures an operator to operate this WHIMS easily and safely.

As an experienced industrial magnetic equipment manufacturer, high intensity separation magnet machine supplier, Longi has been engaged in making mining magnet equipment, scrap removal magnet and more products. As a result of our decades experience, we have been ISO9001-2008 certified and our magnetic separation equipment have been exported to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Brazil, etc. Please feel free to contact us, if you are looking for a high quality wet high intensity magnetic separator WHIMS.

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