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WLIMS Wet Drum Magnetic Separator ( Low Intensity Magnetic Separator )

Longi Magnet Company is a professional China wet low intensity magnetic separator manufacturer. Our LIMS (low intensity magnetic separator) is thus called as comparison with our WHIMS (wet high intensity magnetic separator). It is mainly used for concentrate of magnetite or recovery of heavy media in the coal washery plant, with magnetic intensity ranges from 600GS to 7000GS. It could be used for different separating stages. Adopting high performance, high coercive force ferrite material and NdFeB materials, this low intensity drum separator demagnetizes by less than 5 percent after working for 8 years.

1. The reasonable magnet field design improves the suction force and material recycling rate. It provides a wide separating area for the wet low intensity magnetic separator.
2. With multiple magnetic poles, this wet low intensity magnetic separator has a higher separating efficiency.
3. The tank and the feeding box are made of stainless steel. Anti-wear rubber could be added to improve the abrasion resistance.
4. The angle of magnetic system could be adjusted through the screw type adjuster for the optimized separating effect.
5. The tank is adjustable. It is specially designed for easy removal of the slit.

Types and Applications
According to the specific demands in market, we work out four kinds of wet low intensity magnetic separators. They are HMDS series drum separator, CTS concurrent mining magnetic equipment, CTB counter current mining magnetic equipment, CTN counter rotation mining magnetic equipment.
Our HMDS series magnetic separator, also known as heavy media drum separator, is used for the recovery of heavy media in the coal washery plant.
Our CTS series concurrent magnetic separator is basically used as primary separation for large capacities and coarse feeding particles in iron ore industry.
Our CTB series counter current series magnetic separator is used for cleaner and finisher separation in iron ore concentrator.
CTN series counter rotation magnetic separator is used for primary or rougher separation of iron ore, or recovery of heavy media in coal the washery plant.

In order to have a large share in the market, Longi keeps on improving the quality of our mining magnetic separation equipment, reducing our costs and completing our services. As a result, our wet drum low intensity magnetic separator, high intensity magnetic separation machines, as well as permanent magnetic and electromagnetic separation equipment are well-received in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Brazil, etc. In addition, we can also provide customized industrial magnet solutions according to the specific requirements. We are looking forward to working with you.

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