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Non-Ferrous Metal Separation Equipment

    1. Eddy Current Separator
    2. Eddy Current Separator
      Our LES eddy current separator is of high adaptability and reliable mechanical structure.
      It is of high intensity magnetic fields and adjustable frequency.
      The belt is of good abrasion resistance and low noise.
      The speed of belt and the rotation speed of high frequency magnetic roller are both adjustable.

Thank you for visiting this page of eddy current separator. With years of experience in magnetic separation products, we are fully capable of providing quality wet drum high intensity and low intensity magnetic separator, or WHIMS, WLIMS, electromagnet separators, permanent lifting magnets, etc. These pieces of industrial magnetic separation equipment are welcomed our clients in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Zambia, etc. For more information about us, please turn to other pages or visit us directly.