Eddy Current Separator

Longi Magnet Company is a China eddy current separator manufacturer. Our LES eddy current separator is mainly used to separate copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal from industrial or domestic straps. This separating equipment has good separating effect on different non ferrous metals, especially for fine grain materials. Working with vibrating feeder, a better separating result can be achieved. This eddy current separator is widely used for processing non-ferrous materials and straps as well as recycling vehicle parts and electronic products, etc.

Working Principle
Our LES eddy current separator is designed on the principle that conductors generate induced current in high-frequency magnetic fields. During working, high frequency alternating magnetic fields are generated from the surface of the magnetic roller. When the metal pieces enter the high magnetic intensity stage, eddy current is produced within the metal pieces. The magnetic field generated by this eddy current is repulsive to the original magnetic field. The repulsive force between these two magnetic fields pushes forwards the metal pieces, which are then separated from the rest.

1. Our LES eddy current separator is of high adaptability and reliable mechanical structure.
2. It is of high intensity magnetic fields and adjustable frequency.
3. The belt is of good abrasion resistance and low noise.
4. The speed of belt and the rotation speed of high frequency magnetic roller are both adjustable.
5. This eddy current runs smoothly and energy-efficiently.

Longi is an experience eddy current separator manufacturer in China, our company focus on making magnet separation equipment and machine for tramp metal removal and non-ferrous metal separation since 1993. With over two decades of experience in making mining separation equipment, we can provide quality high drum and wet drum magnetic separators for customers.

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