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Belt conveying electromagnet separator

Application of this electromagnet separation
This electromagnet separator can be equipped with different conveying belt for removing undesired metal impurities with a weight ranging from 0.1 to 0.35 kg from bulk non-magnetic materials. It is suitable for belts with a speed less than or equals to 4.5m/s. With this electromagnetic separator, materials are refined and iron impurities are collected. This electromagnetic separator therefore finds wide applications in power plants, mines, building material factories, and other factories in metallurgical and food industries. Our Longji electromagnetic separator is available in manual-cleaning (plate type) and self-cleaning (plate type). We feature cooling methods like air cooling, fan cooling and oil cooling.

Features of this electromagnet separator
1. The coil of our electromagnetic separator is specially processed with good oxidation and rust resistance, thus ensuring the heat transferring capacity and insulation performance of the coil.
2. It is of big magnetic penetration depth and strong suction force.
3. It is of low energy consumption and stable performance.
4. With compact structure, this electromagnetic separator is easy to install and maintain.
5. Good heat diffusion and stable temperature rise.
6. This magnetic separator can suck or throw iron materials continuously.
7. The belt is provided with automatic rectifying function.

Other electromagnet separation by cooling method
Our electromagnetic separators include.
air-cooling electromagnetic separator.
belt air-cooling electromagnetic separator.
oil-cooling electromagnetic separator.
and belt oil-cooling electromagnetic separator.

Other electromagnet separation machine we are making
1. Wet high intensity magnetic separator, WHIM
2. Wet low intensity magnetic separator
3. Permanent magnet separator
4. Eddy circuit magnet separation
5. Scrap lifting magnet
6. Control panel lifting magnets

Longji started the magnet separation business since 1993, have had lots of experience of making good quality tramp metal equipment and machines and making solution for different users for different removal purposes, our magnet separation machines have been bused in some countries like UK, Brazil, India, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Zambia, USA so on.

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