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LJK LJK Magnetic Separation Equipment

Longi Magnet Company is a leading China manufacturer of LJK magnetic separator for iron mining. Our LJK magnetic separator is custom designed for the removal of tramp iron from magnetic material like iron ore, sinter ore, pellet ore, etc., on the feeding belt, with the least magnetic material taken out. With unique magnetic circuit design, our LJK magnetic separator for iron mining separates the materials over and over again. Therefore, it could remove the iron components that may harm to the production line from a mass of ferromagnetic materials while bringing out the minimum materials. This is to protect the conveyor belt, the following crushing or other equipment from scraping or other damages.

1. This LJK magnetic separator for iron mining adopts successive excitation with low energy consumption and stable performance.
2. The separating area is provided with multiple magnetic systems. Equipped with counter magnetic system, this LJK magnetic separator for iron mining brings out the minimum ore materials during the magnetic separation.
3. The continuous separation is monitored real time. Iron leakage is thus prevented.
4. This magnetic separator is designed with high mounting applicability and small floor space. The space upper the belt can be effectively utilized.
5. It has little auxiliary equipment and is easy to maintain.

Longi has been engaged in making mining magnet separation machine since 1993, LJK series magnetic separation equipment supplier in China. To meet demands of mineral separation, our company provides mining separation machines, permanent magnet and electromagnet tramp metal separation equipment and solutions according to your needs.

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