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Metal Separation Equipment

    1. Permanent Magnet Separator
    2. Permanent Magnet Separator
      Our permanent magnetic separator is designed with digital simulation technologies. Its large absorption area guarantees sufficient time for the ferromagnetic impurities to be removed from the floating materials.
    1. Electromagnet Separator
    2. Electromagnet Separator
      The coil of our electromagnetic separator is specially processed with good oxidation and rust resistance, thus ensuring the heat transferring capacity and insulation performance of the coil.
    1. Tramp Metal Magnet Separator
    2. Tramp Metal Magnet Separator
      Permanent magnetic separators provide an easy and effective way to separate out larger pieces of unwanted and potentially damaging pieces of tramp iron that may make there way into the material stream. These are generally used over conveyor belts and chutes and come in a variety of styles.

Magnetic Separation Equipment for Tramp Metal Removal
Longi Magnet Company is a China tramp metal removal magnetic separation equipment manufacturer. Our tramp iron removal equipment is designed to assist with the purification and separation of process streams. According to different sorting criteria, tramp iron removals can be categorized in different kinds. For instance, there are permanent tramp iron removals and electromagnetic separators, dry magnetic separators and wet magnetic separators, drum magnetic separators and roller magnetic separators, low intensity magnetic separator, medium intensity magnetic separator, and high intensity separators, etc.

Basing on the actual demands in the market, Longi comes with permanent magnetic separators, electromagnetic separators, and LJK magnetic separators for iron mining. Our specific magnetic separators include
  • belt permanent magnetic separator
  • light-duty self-cleaning permanent magnetic separator
  • magnetic pulley
  • manual-cleaning permanent magnetic separator
  • dry powder magnetic separator
  • magnetic drum separator
  • self-cleaning steel cladding permanent magnetic separator
  • manual-cleaning permanent magnetic separator
  • air-cooling electromagnetic separator
  • belt air-cooling electromagnetic separator
  • oil-cooling electromagnetic separator
  • and belt oil-cooling electromagnetic separator.
  • With slit draining, magnetism adjusting and non-magnetic devices, these tramp iron removals could be widely used for separation and recycling of heavy medium in mining plants or coal preparation plants.

These magnetic separation equipment are welcomed by our clients in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Zambia, etc. In addition to these tramp metal removals, Longi engineers can also provide customized solutions according to the specific demands. Please feel free to contact us, an ISO9001:2000 certified tramp iron removal manufacturer in China!