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Permanent magnet separation for permanent magnet separator

Application of the permanent magnet separator
The permanent magnet separation is the permanent magnet used on the tramp metal machine to remove undesired metal impurities out from the materials and for purifying the desired materials, our permanent magnet separation solution is suitable for different conveyor belt, permanent magnet separators are widely used in mining, electrical generating, building materials selecting , petroleum refining, chemical industry etc.

Features of we offer the permanent magnet separators
1. Computer simulation gives the tramp metal machine sufficient time to remove the impurities from the floating materials.
2. Very stable magnet field can be hold the magnet force 8 years, within 8 years the magnet core decrease less 8 percent even in the severe working conditions.
3. Our permanent magnet separator is reasonable structured without the need of an excitation system or a cooling device. Its belt is of automatic rectifying system. With specially made sealed axle bed, it can work in different severe conditions. Able to clean the absorbed impurities automatically and continuously, it could work without error for a long period of time.
4. It is suitable for belts with a width of 650-2400mm. Customized ones are also available according to the actual working condition and specific demands.

Other permanent magnet separator we have
1. Belt permanent magnetic separator
2. Light-duty self-cleaning permanent magnetic separator
3. Manual-cleaning permanent magnetic separator
4. Dry powder magnetic separator
5. Permanent magnet drum separator
6. Self-cleaning permanent magnet separator

Longji is a Chinese tramp metal equipment and machine manufacturer, is engaged to make mining equipment and metal removal machines like electromagnet and permanent magnet separation equipment solution, has ISO9001:2000 certified, Longi Magnet Company is a professional permanent magnetic separator manufacturer. Our permanent magnetic separator is characterized by its powerful magnetic force, long service life, stable performance, simple installation and operation.

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