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Circular Lifting Magnet

Circular Lifting Magnet
We are a professional scrap lifting magnet manufacturer, based in China. Our circular lifting magnet is used to lift and transfer iron scraps in scrap yards and ports or to process different kinds of scrap in steelworks and foundries. In addition to scrap lifting magnet, we also produce rectangular lifting magnet and different kinds of high temperature tolerance style and 75% high duty cycle style lifting magnet. They can work alone or in a group for lifting large steel plates or bundle materials.

1. Longi lifting magnet is equipped with automatic power-off system to protect the electromagnet.
2. It can catch several pieces of steel plates at one time and release them piece by piece.
3. The coils of our scrap lifting magnet have reached an insulation level of C level.
4. The multipolar magnetic electromagnet is suitable for billets, plate blank, rugged surface steels or steel rods. With movable magnetic poles, adsorption area can be magnified and the lifting power can be increased for lifting safety.

As a professional circular lifting magnet manufacturer, Longi Magnet Company has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial and mining magnet separation equipment. Therefore, we can provide different high quality scrap handling magnets, mining magnetic separators, permanent magnet and electromagnet separators, as well as full services. Located in Fushun city, we are close to material suppliers and Dalian Port. That is how we can produce and ship our circular lifting magnet at reduced costs. You are welcome to visit us and know more about our quality separation magnet products.

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