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Scrap Handling Magnet

    1. Circular Lifting Magnet
    2. Circular Lifting Magnet
      Our circular lifting magnet is used to lift and transfer iron scraps in scrap yards and ports or to process different kinds of scrap in steelworks and foundries. In addition to scrap lifting magnet, we also produce rectangular lifting magnet and different kinds of high temperature tolerance style and 75% high duty cycle style lifting magnet.

Longi Magnetic Company is a China lifting magnet manufacturer. Our lifting magnet equipment mainly includes electromagnetic lifts and permanent magnetic lifts. These lifting magnet s are widely used in steel plants, building material production plant, docks, shipyards, machining factories, etc., to lift and convey bulk materials, billets, bundle materials, steel plates, steel wires, rolling plates, steel tubes, and more products. The coil of our lifting magnets has a C level insulation grade and can run smoothly and safely. Our industrial lifting magnet is available in circular type, oval type, high temperature type and underwater type with multiple magnetic poles. It could also be customized, according to the specific demands.

Longi Magnetic Company is in possession of more than 200 items of national patents and many creative technique achievements. Therefore, we have been able to provide reliable, convenient and value-adding magnet separation equipment and solutions for our clients. Our major products, including mining separation equipment, magnetic separator, circular lifting magnets, are well received by our clients. Please feel free to contact us for your lifting magnet needs.