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Magnetic Equipment for Mining and Mineral Longi Magnet products are used in mining industry for mineral concentration and removal of iron contamination. They work to improve working efficiency and recycle rate of minerals.
Magnetic equipment for coal industry Longi Magnetic equipment is widely applied in coal industry for coal concentration and removal of iron contamination to protect equipment in the next procedure.
Industrial magnetic equipment for metallurgy Longi Magnetic equipment is widely used in metallurgy industry for mineral concentration, removal of iron contamination and lifting of materials.
Magnetic equipment for power station Longi Magnetic equipment is used in power stations for removing iron contaminations in coal to guarantee the security of power station and equipment.
Industrial magnetic equipment for steelworks Longi Magnetic equipment is widely used in steelworks to improve working efficiency and lower costs.
Magnetic equipment for shipyard Longi Magnetic equipment is mainly used in shipyard for lifting and transportation of steel and iron, increasing working efficiency and saving labor force.
Magnetic equipment for construction materials Longi Magnetic Company produces a wide range of magnetic separators and lifting magnets that can be used for lifting and separating applications in construction materials industry.
Industrial magnetic equipment for recycling industry Longi magnetic equipment helps in the recycling of rubbish, automobiles, electronics, as well as material processing of non-ferrous metals.
Industrial magnetic equipment for food, pharmaceutical, and ceramic industry Unique design and advanced workmanship of our magnetic equipment guarantee good iron removal performance as well as the sanitation of materials.
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