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Company Story

Longi is a magnetic equipment manufacturer since operation in 1993. After 24 years’ development, we have emerged as one of the largest magnetic machinery providers in Asia.

5 graduates from Lanzhou University created Longi, and started their business in magnetic sector.

Fushun Longi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd was established. It was then certified by CE and approved to trade in Europe.

We signed an agreement with Chinese Academy of Sciences for a long-term cooperation in pushing the developing of China’s superconductor industry.

The world’s first superconducting magnetic separator was developed in Longi.

We expanded our factory to 20,000m2, and were approved by the China Machinery Industry Federation to be a research and engineering center of magnetic separation technology.

Our factory was expanded to 60,000m2. The same year, Longi was rated as a provincial-level research center and the joint laboratory of Chinese Academy of Science.

Longi was listed in the National Torch Program, and was known as a well-known brand and national high-tech enterprise in China.

Longi won the China Patent Excellence Award. The same time, we reformed the share and founded Shenyang Longi Electromagnetism Technology Co., Ltd.

Longi rivaled peers in sales in Chinese magnetic equipment industry for 12 consecutive years.

By this time, Longi has been established for 20 years. We accomplished roughly 2000 engineering cases for customers all over the world annually.

We built a mineral separation laboratory spanning 10,000m2, and pushed for industrial structure reform.

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