CTS Concurrent Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

This series features a shorter pickup area and is for the high capacity separation of material sized between Q-12mm. It is generally best suited for the rougher separation of coarse material such as ocean lake or river sand.

1.The magnetsare well protected from any peeling or damage that may normally occur.
2.The concurrent tank design creates a unit that can not just.handle a large capacity but operate in a viually jam free environment.

Technical Parameters


The Concurrent Wet Drum Magnetic Separators used in the worksite

Longi is a concurrent wet drum magnetic separator manufacturer in China, focus on making mining magnet separation equipment since 1993, there are different models high efficiency magnetic separation equipment based on the specific mineral properties. Our company has two decades of experience in manufacturing mining and industrial magnet separation equipment and machine, high quality products with reasonable prices.

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