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Dry Drum Magnetic Separator

    1. LCG Dry Drum Magnet Separator
    2. LCG Dry Drum Magnet Separator
      The magnetic system is designed with small magnetic distance and multi-pole to increase turn times.
      The separation area is extended because of the large magnetic wrap area which in turn increases the recovery.
      Ceramics on the surface, HRA≥85 and max HRA is 92.
    1. LCT Magnetic Drum
    2. LCT Magnetic Drum
      The quality rare earth magnets used are long lasting and of a high magnetic force. The demagnetization is less than a 5% change per every 8 years.
      The magnetic unit is well protected in a stainless steel shell.
      The installation dimensions are standardized at DT75 to fit a standard DTII conveyor belt for easy installation.
    1. LCGX Dry Drum Magnet Separator
    2. LCGX Dry Drum Magnet Separator
      The LCGX series of dry drum magnetic separators is a newly launched line of magnetic separators specially designed to improve the concentrate grade without the addition of water. The material size it can process is 0-12mm.

Customized Service
LONGi operates its own laboratory within our manufacturing center, which is a state-of-the-art magnetic separation engineering facility. This laboratory undertakes professional sample testing and reporting for a wide range of mineral and recycling industries.

Quality Magnet
Magnets with a high coercive force are used in our products to ensure a stable and reliable performance. The demagnetization rate is on average less than a 5% change over a 8 years span.

High Gradient of the Magnetic Field
The magnetic gradient affects the magnetic force greatly, as shown to the right. By special design and engineering we are able to offer a higher gradient and thus a higher recovery
(H-Magnetic intensity θH/θL-Magnetic gradient

Multi-pole Magnetic Structure
Our multi-pole magnetic structure helps improve the concentrate grade by encouraging the material to agitate and flip over on the drums surface. This allows non magnetic particles to escape while keeping the ferrous material firmly in place.

Movement of Magnetic Particle


Advanced Magnetic Techniques
1.The N40H magnets used are long lasting and of a high magnetic force. Each is protected by a chromium plating. The demagnetization is less than a 5% change per every 8 years.
2.The assembly of the magnetic system is such that the magnets are fixed onto a yoke plate with stainless steel bolts and then wrapped with a stainless steel plate to prevent damage and peeling of the magnets.
Precautions such as sealant on the machining surface, stainless steel flanges, the drum shell being 4mm with a sealing ring and the like are used to protect the drum from dust, water and moisture to enable for a long term stable operation.
3.The drum surfaces are protected with wear resistant ceramic plates with the following features:

Durable and Wear Resistant
The hardness of the ceramic plate is up to HRA92, which is 100 times that of manganese steel and 20 times that of cast chromium iron.

Unable To Become Magnetized
Since the ceramic plates are unable to become magnetized they are even more resistant to wear from tramp metal.

Highly Efficient
The intrinsic properties of the ceramic plates help to improve the separation efficiency and grade of the materials processed.

Safe and Reliable
The ceramic plates are affixed with a high intensity non-magnetic polymer. The shear strength between the shells and plates are more than 30MPa. Due to this extreme strength they are well suited for the extreme changes of temperature and vibrations found in operation.

Since 1993, Longi has focused on making mining magnetic separation equipment, dry drum magnetic separator and wet drum magnet separator supplier in China, providing high efficiency mining separation magnet and solutions. Our company also provides tramp metal removal equipment and solutions in your demands.