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Longi Magnet Company is a China-based industrial magnetic equipment manufacturer, offering a wide range of magnetic products like wet high intensity magnetic separator or WHIMS, wet low intensity magnetic separator, permanent magnetic separator, electromagnetic separator, LES eddy current separator, permanent lifting magnet, and more. These pieces of magnetic equipment are widely used in power, metallurgical, coal mining, building, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and more industries.

Since our foundation in 1993, we keep on researching on magnetic separators. This sufficient experience teaches us how to manufacture a magnetic separator with high quality. In addition to our strict implement of ISO9001:2000 standards, our industrial magnetic equipment is sought after by our clients in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, India, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, and more countries. Please feel free to contact us, if you need our mining magnetic equipments, magnetic separators, lifting magnets or any other products.

Global Presence
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