LCG Dry Drum Magnet Separator

The LCG series dry drum magnetic separator is used during the primary or rougher stages to improve the feeding grade of material. Normally used in conjunction with our specially designed vibratory feeder. The feeding size is up to 12mm.

1.The magnetic system is designed with small magnetic distance and multi-pole to increase turn times.
2.The separation area is extended because of the large magnetic wrap area which in turn increases the recovery.
3.Ceramics on the surface, HRA≥85 and max HRA is 92.
4.It allows for easy control of the concentrate grade and tailings.


Working Principle
Using the principle that ferrous material can be attracted by a permanent magnet, a semi-circular magnet system is arranged inside the drum. Ferrous particles are attracted to the drum surface when passing across the magnetic field area and flow to the non-magnetic area where they are discharged to the concentrate outlet; non-ferrous and low grade particles pass through the magnetic area freely and are discharged by gravity to the tailings outlet.

Technical Parameters

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