LGS Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

The LONGi WHIMS is a highly efficient device that uses the combined forces of magnetism a pulsating slurry and gravity to beneficiate many weakly magnetic materials such as hematite martite limonite vanadium-bearing titan magnetite manganese and limonite to name just a few. It can also be used as a critical component in the purification of nonferrous materials such as kaolin quartz feldspar nepheline ceramic and the like.

1. The vertical ring provides a worry free and jam free operation.
2. Improves both concentrate grades and recovery.
3. With an adjustable magnetic intensity it can be used to improve a very high range of both ferrous and nonferrous materials each with their own needs and properties.
4. Very low consumption of electrical power and water.
5.Compact size.
6.Low maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Guidelines for model selection:
Slurry flow rate is the most critical parameter when selecting a suitable model.Lower slurry density is preferred for obtaining better separation efficiency and necessary jf the feed contains high magnetics . For non-metallic minerals the capacity shall be half of the normal rate.

1.Flushing water
2.Matrix box
3.Rotation ring
4.Upper magnetic pole
5.Excitation coil
6.Lower magnetic pole
7.Small tailings bucket
8.Big tailings bucket
10.Rubber drumhead

Flat Screen
Flat screens are used where the correct particle size is critical to the successful operation of the machine.

1.Automatic classification of minerals
2.low failure rate
3.Easy operation and maintenance
4.No impact less vibration low noise and long service life

Technical Parameters

Longi is a wet drum high intensity magnetic separator manufacturer in China, our company focus on making mining magnet separation equipment and machine since 1993. There are different models of high efficiency separation magnet equipment for choose. We make effort to provide quality mining separation magnets and efficient solutions for customers.

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