LJK Electromagnet Separator

The LJK series electromagnetic separator separates magnetic material and amp iron by using a unique arrangement of magnetic fields with little or no magnetic ore being removed to protect downstream crushing equipment.

1.The entire system can be set to operate automatically so no operator is required.
2.The magnetic separator starts upon receiving a signal from a metal detector.
3.The unique system design allows it to differentiate tramp iron from ore making it possible to remove damaging material from the stream while returning the ore back for processing.
4.Real time monitoring from the metal detector ensures removal of tramp iron from the conveyor
5.The system is installed inline or parallel to the belt conveyor. This saves space and allows for ease of operation and maintenance.
6.The system includes:LJK electromagnetic separator GLA-LK control panel LJT metal detector non-magnetic platform (optional)and non-magnetic idler (optional).

Technical Parameters


LJT Metal Detector

Installation Dimensions
AC 220V

The Electromagnetic Separators used in the worksites

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