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Product Development

For the past 24 years, Longi has been committed to the research of magnetic equipment and offering one-stop metal separation solution for customers operating in diversified markets. The rich experience and powerful manufacturing capability has make Longi a leader in this field.

We developed a lifting magnet which is able to lift several metal plates at the same time and put them down one by one. This product won the provincial award for progress in science and technology
We developed high-intensity magnetic separator and got the provincial-level innovative new product award

Longi non-ferrous metal eddy current separator, magnetic separator for coal and explosion-proof electromagnetic separator was developed as new products that never seen before in Chinese magnetic industry. Their performance reaches international leading standards.

Longi developed the first superconducting electromagnetic separator in China. The same year, our oil-cooled electromagnetic separator passed the identification of Chinese magnetic equipment community

The high energy-efficiency vertical wet high-intensity separator we have developed was listed in the National Torch Program

We developed a kind of high gradient magnetic filter, a highly efficient filtering machine reaching international leading level. The same year, large eddy current separator was developed in our company.

Magnetic separator for steel slag was developed in Longi. The same year, our LJK magnetic separator for iron mining, magnetic separator for metallurgical slag, high gradient magnetic filter, mining magnetic equipment, and coal separating machine passed the identification of Chinese magnetic equipment community

The world’s largest drum magnetic separator LCTY-1550 was put into use.

Our large magnetic pre-separation machine LCTY-1550, vertical induction type wet high-intensity magnetic separator LGS-3000, and automatic magnetic separation machine was recognized as having reached international leading level.

We introduced the non-ferrous metal separation technique from Russia, and developed LPPC separator and water-cooled iron separator.

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